This is bigger than Greg Oden (that shirt though!)

I was on the D-Cups twitter account trying to convince Britt Moreno to do a story on the dumb guy from Indiana University that blew all kinds of money and prizes on The Wheel of Fortune.  I glanced to the left and saw that Greg Oden was trending.  When I clicked on the link, it broke my heart a little because I know LeBron’s dad’s history and you have to feel for him.  He was supposed to be the next big thing, but injury and personal issues kinda derailed that.  So as I’m reading the article, provided by the good folks over at Yahoo Sports, I notice the shirt he’s wearing in his mugshot.  At first I thought it was just an Ohio football player celebrating a moment and being made the “H” in Ohio.  I also knew that it had to be a player from The Ohio State because the Browns and Bengals have had nothing to celebrate since Jim Brown and Ickey Woods.  The image is the silhouette of current Colt’s offensive lineman Marcus Hall.  When he was a student at OSU last year, he was ejected from a game against Michigan.  According to the good folks over at Yahoo Sports, as he left the field, he slammed his helmet, kicked a bench, and then posed for the shirt as he made it to the tunnel (TGF @ Yahoo Sports didn’t say he posed for the shirt, I did). hallbirds  hallshirt


Thank You @NickBromberg at Yahoo Sports for opening my eyes to this story and thank you to Lamp Apparel for creating such an awesome shirt.  I’m buying one right now.  It’s running kinda slow though, so if you want one, you better get on it.